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    Co-founded by Dr. James Gammie, co-founder and inventor for Harpoon Medical, Protaryx is developing a device for left atrial access in transcatheter cardiac procedures.

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    We sat down with Jon Wu, the engineer and co-inventor of Breethe’s novel technology, and with Phil Robilotto, UMB Associate Vice President of the Office of Technology Transfer, to learn more about Breethe and the critical role...

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    The first-of-its-kind portable artificial lung will complement and expand Abiomed’s product portfolio to more comprehensively serve the needs of patients whose lungs can no longer provide sufficient oxygenation.

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    Physicians, faculty/researchers and tech transfer professionals are working diligently to bring innovations to life to help clinicians on the front line treat patients and fight this outbreak.

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    GEn1E is developing cures for inflammatory diseases based on a next-generation p38a kinase inhibitor program.

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    The grant will support a clinical trial of their ultrasound gastronomy device.

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    NeoProgen is developing a novel cell-based therapy for people who experience a heart attack and patients with advanced heart failure.

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  • Baltimore: Medical device startup Protaryx raises $8.3M
  • MD+DI: Straight Out of Stealth Mode: Protaryx Raises $8M
  • Baltimore Business Journal: Baltimore firm making medical devices for heart...
  • Protaryx Medical Announces $8.3M in Funding for First-in-Class Technology for...

Spotlight on...

UM Ventures has launched a series of initiatives for the Center for Maryland Advanced Ventures, including:

NEW ACCELERATOR: Trajectory Next
Trajectory Next is a 12-week post-accelerator program for digital health, bio-health, and life sciences startups.

UMB opened the GRID in the University of Maryland BioPark. The GRID brings together UMB Graduate School educational programs on entrepreneurship and UM Ventures tech transfer and business assistance services.

The Baltimore Fund
The Baltimore Fund provides financial incentives to companies affiliated with Maryland Public Higher Education Institutions to locate in a network of innovation centers in Baltimore City.

The UMCP Fischell Institute
The UMCP Fischell Institute for Biomedical Devices is opening a satellite location at UMB to accelerate the development of innovative medical devices.

Maryland Momentum Fund
The University System of Maryland created the Maryland Momentum Fund, a $25 million early-stage investment program investing in USM-affiliated companies. The Maryland Momentum Fund is staffed by UM Ventures.

美墨边境“特朗普墙”160公里建成,百亿巨制的墙敌不过5美元 ...:今天 · 来自:建道筑格ArchiDogs(ID:ArchiDogs_AD)本文已获得授权去年年初,特朗普一再重申需57亿美元建造美墨边境「实体屏障」其实美国人民早就开始为建墙集资目标资金为$31,000,000目前已经筹集$25,488,500https://www.
The University of Maryland, Baltimore Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR) is pleased to announce the first round of UMB ICTR Accelerated Translational Incubator Pilot (ATIP) Grant funding opportunities for 2018-2024.


University of Maryland, Baltimore

UM Ventures is a joint initiative of the University of Maryland, Baltimore and University of Maryland, College Park to commercialize technologies and expand industry collaboration.


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